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Wedding Cinematography at it's Finest

For almost 10 years, PGP Studios has gone through some amazing experiences that can easily be turned into theatrical full features. We have seen it all and yet we continue to be surprised. What’s mostly precious about these surprises… is that they make for great story telling. It truly is our priority to create friendships with all our couples. Why is that? Because you are entrusting us to capture one of the most important days of your lives. We are not only storytellers, but we are also husbands & fathers, mothers & wives. We can easily relate to what your father is going through. Or what your mother is feeling. We are passionate cinematographers that have the professional edge to create & illustrate beautiful stories.


Your wedding day will be a blur of activity.  What better way to remember it than with a SDE.  Our skilled team will capture the essence of your wedding day and showcase it for all your friends and family during the reception, adding a new level of exhilaration and entertainment to your wedding experience.


Similar to the Same Day Edit, Highlights showcase the story of your wedding day; the difference is that highlights are not shown on the eve of your wedding day but rather several weeks after, as a sort of throwback to your special day.  Highlights also give our team the opportunity to capture everything that happens at your reception, whereas Same Day Edits are required to stop in order to finish editing.

A video engagement shoot is a way to introduce yourselves as a couple to friends and family from both sides as to how you met, your story and what makes you click. We like to tell your story through engaging and fun activities that are meaningful to the two of you.  We have filmed winter horseback riding, scuba diving, go-karting and baseball games. What activity would you like do?

This Is Us

Passionate About Perfection

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Ed Limon
Cinematographer & Creative Director
Ed is awesome. He is a family man, with three beautiful daughters that rule his life alongside his wife Claudia. Ed is a movie buff if there ever was one. He lives, eats and breathes movies and movie making. That is one of the reasons he started Phoenix Gate Pictures (now PGP Studios) and one of the reasons his creativity is off the chart. He has been making films & commercials for many years.
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Jason Palmer
Cinematographer & Creative Director
Jason is also awesome. He loves life. He has a beautiful family. He loves his wife and three kids (three for now, who knows where that will go). He loves playing sports. Travelling has always been a great passion of Jason’s and he will go pretty much anywhere he can. He started doing cinematography 5 years ago, self-taught, and has used it as a means to capture some of his life’s most precious moments.
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Claudia Limon
Executive Editor & Cinematographer
Now, Claudia’s awesomeness rivals Ed’s awesomeness. Loving wife to Ed and mother to their children, Claudia is artistic in all things; sewing, drawing, designing etc. This artistic ability shines through in her editing as well and is what makes her a great senior editor. She makes the magic happen behind the scenes. You should see the funny faces she makes while she edits. A passionate learner, Claudia is always striving to better herself and her work.