Starting an Eternal Existence| Anna & Jeremy’s Wedding

The PGP Family has known the Aguiar family for a very long time. It has been a wonderful journey as we’ve been witnesses to how love & harmony exist within their home. When they approached us to film Anna‘s wedding, we were filled with excitement as it became more of an honour to become a part of their memories.

Typically, we’ve become experts of filming weddings in the Toronto area. We’ve gotten the opportunity of travelling to so many areas and each time it’s been a unique experience. For example, we’ve filmed at the Paramount Venue in Woodbridge many times. It’s one of the most beautiful banquet halls and their staff has always been super supportive. But believe it or not, every wedding day with the Paramount on the radar has been unique and special. This is because each one of our couples has a different story to tell. They bring along with them beautiful experiences and stories that help us capture their day in the most unique way possible. Jeremy & Anna‘s wedding was no different. We have filmed in various backyard tent weddings and these receptions bring a complete different feeling of awe and wonder. It’s a unique emotion and a sense of comfort. Their wedding venue and ceremony all happened on the same property. Beautiful decorations and set ups. Our hats off to their Wedding Planner, Jodie Gagne. She was super helpful and had a professionalism about her that made it easy to work with. At the same time, we also had the pleasure of working once again with the talented Emily Jones. She is a fantastic photographer and having her unique eye definitely complimented what we needed to capture. We were welcomed by friends and family and had the opportunity to blend in quite easily. Outdoor weddings are very special. The Bride was in her comfort zone and our groom had the support of his loving parents that flew out from Alberta. Jeremy‘s parents are absolutely wonderful. Their humbleness and love was felt by all those whom they spoke to. Not having known everyone that showed up, they too also blended in quite easily and this brought a lot of peace to their son. At the end of the day we finished the night with a bang. The tent was filled with smiles and laughter and just outside we were surrounded with trees filled with beautiful lighting decor. We lit up the sparklers and this gave way to an epic ending. Our hats off to the Aguiar/King families. It was an absolute honour to be a part of Anna & Jeremy‘s special day.

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