Capturing Your Wedding

Many couples have asked us… what is your process? What is that flavour you give to capture those moments on our wedding day? Am I to expect a full Hollywood film crew? How discreet are you? Do you travel outside of Toronto? These and many other questions we strive to clarify right from the get go. From consultations at our studio to a dinner meeting at the Mandarin restaurant, we really make it our priority to hash out all of these logistics. So much so that it is our duty to ensure that our couples are completely comfortable with our approach and way of capturing their wedding day.

That being said, I would love to share a few insights that could help clarify any questions on how we capture your wedding day. First of all, it’s the dinner consultation. I cannot emphasize how crucial this step is. We invite all our couples out for a meal. It really gives us the opportunity to click, bond and break the ice. We get to know intimate details, both good and bad. Once we hash out some great stories, we then know how to capture your wedding day. We will know what we’re allowed to film. What we’re not. What kinds of dramas are happening and how to be delicate over the matter while filming. From knowing that a father is about to pass away to not wanting your sister captured. We’d be clueless without these intimate details and would just be filming without tactfulness.

To clarify a few FAQ’s, our film crew consists of 2-3 of us. 2 Cinematographers & 1 Production Assistant. The production assistant acts as a huge asset so we can completely focus on not missing out on any special moments. We also consider the PA as our insurance policy. In case someone gets sick, or something happens that is unexpected to one of our cinematographers, our assistant kicks in to fill in those shoes. So it’s not a big crew and I assure you that we are super discreet. We’re not abrupt either and are very respectful to give the space needed for those special moments. PGP Studios have travelled all across Canada and the Caribbean shooting various weddings. So yes, we definitely travel abroad to shoot weddings. We also feel that capturing the right audio is so important as we have a system of tapping into various mixers running a live stream. Let alone, we also bring our own field recorders to make sure nothing is left unchecked.

Overall, the consultations we have with our couples are absolutely crucial. They really give us a clear indication of what kinds of stories we can capture and the moments that truly matter to them.




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