Bang the Drums- Kari & Ryan | Same Day Edit

To drum or not to drum, that is the question.


Kari’s answer was to drum. She had decided from an early age that she loved drumming and what better way to express that passion than to make the grandest of all entrances to drums. On September 12 we had the wonderful opportunity to film Kari and Ryan’s wedding and provide a Same Day Edit.

There was a lot of emotion at this wedding, in particular for the parents. Kari’s father’s interview revealed a special closeness. Likewise Ryan’s mother cut the interview short so she didn’t ruin her makeup.

Despite all the emotion Kari and Ryan are also very practical people. Convenience was a key factor in the planning of their wedding. As a Brampton native couple they planned the entire day throughout Brampton. It started with a very precise close shave and cut for the groomsmen at Al’s Barber Shop, definitely not your run of the mill shop, and the Mink Hair Salon for the ladies in nearby Georgetown. The ceremony took place at the lovely St. Mary’s church in downtown Brampton. The bridal party scooted just up the street to PAMA (Peel Arts Gallery Museum+ Archive), a hotspot for wedding photography in Brampton. All of this is within a five-minute walk, which is not only convenient for guests but also us, as our studio is in downtown Brampton! After the ceremony we headed to the Pearson Convention Centre to drum the night away. The reception featured the very talented C-Styxx who helped launch the party and welcome Kari and Ryan into the hall.

Kari and Ryan was a wonderful couple to work with and we wish them all the best as they start this new journey.

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The PGP Team

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Photographs are provided by the very talented Cabral Studio; a pair of experienced photographers who know how to get stuff done.


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