A Comfortable Wedding Day

Now I have to be completely honest as there is no such thing as a completely stress free wedding. Not trying to be pessimistic as I haven’t been to a wedding we’ve shot where the couple is not stressing over even the smallest detail. Perhaps it’s a wedding decoration detail, or someone coming late, etc. The Toronto City or out by a relaxing setting like Orangeville. Wedding stress is a natural thing, it’s bound to happen in one way or another. What I do believe is that there are multiple ways in which to reduce that stress and to create the most comfortable wedding day possible. This insight I can share with you as many brides have come to us with that question. How can I make my wedding day less stressful and as comfortable as possible. First of all, I would recommend a wedding planner. This is absolutely crucial. There are various services that they can provide. Either working out logistics, scheduling and so forth months before your wedding day. Or, I have met some wonderful planners that show up just for the day. They would be more considered wedding coordinators. They would be the go to person for all the vendors to reach to. Your family and friends are all busy with the hustle and bustle. Perhaps they are not really busy but want to embrace and enjoy those precious moments with you without worrying about being in charge of something. Once again, this is a crucial role that is needed if you want to lessen the stress level on your wedding day. It’s literally a night and day service that will make your wedding day that much more memorable.

The other counsel believe it or not is Yoga. And I am not talking about Yoga before the wedding day, which would work out great. But Yoga even on the wedding day. At Rene & Tyler‘s Wedding, the bride had her Yoga Instructor join her prior to the Ceremony when we went to film out at the Manor by Kettleby. She made sure she allocated a good 30-60min of Yoga time and you should have seen how relaxed she became. It was truly amazing. Or how about preparing an Emergency Wedding Kit. These little luggages have saved tons of stress through the different weddings we have filmed. I remember seeing one Bride who packed in Advils, little munchies, batteries, sewing kit, first aid, womanly essentials, hygiene kits, etc. The list of items in that little kit just went on and on. It was incredible. For many, many brides… these have become saving graces for their wedding day. The simplest of things but could mean the world.

Lastly but not least, make sure your comfortable with your vendors. I know it sound biased but in particular with your wedding cinematographer & photographer. These vendors will be with you throughout the day. They will see your ups and downs. They will be capturing all the moments. Make sure that aside from keeping within budget, you feel comfortable with your vendors. We’ve had instances where a couple could not stand their photographers and ended up having severe bitter moments. For us, it’s important that we get to know our couples. We even go to the extent of taking them out for a meal, breaking the ice and getting to know each other on a personal level. Dinner meals also reveal amazing stories which we can share with our PGP family so we know what to capture and what not to capture on the couples wedding day. I can’t emphasize how important it is for you to click with your vendors.

Finally, take a moment and breath. Just a minute, it’s all it takes. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Just visualize why your doing what your doing and the vows and covenants that your going to be fulfilling with the person you love. It has been such a pleasure for us to capture these sacred moments. Having children of our own, we can easily relate to what your parents must be going through. It’s easy to visualize. So again, there will be stress on the wedding day, but hopefully with these solutions; we’ve added some insight as to how to balance that stress that comes along on your wedding day.

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