A Life of Adventure Awaits | Aleks and Monica

true love

I can truly say that, after becoming an expert at weddings, I have never seen a groom with so much attention to detail than Aleks, from the proposal to the wedding gift exchange; everything about the wedding was carefully planned and made with so much love.

A life of adventure awaits | Aleks & Monica Highlight from PGP Wedding on Vimeo.

On June 11th, we witnessed a true love story taking a new stage in life. You can say Monica found her Prince Charming in Aleks. The joy and energy of the wedding was seen and felt through the different events that took place throughout the day. The music band brought a little bit of Poland to Canada, the beach set the perfect stage for an amazing photoshoot session to finish the night with a Fairy Tale inspired ball.

We are truly honoured to attend this incredible wedding, and being a part of their happily ever after.

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