From the flowers to the meals, from the dress attire to the decor; these are some of the important details that help create the mood of your wedding day. Visualizing it, conceptualizing it, drawing it out. Over and over are these beautiful images relived through your mind. The question you may ask yourself is “How do I imagine my wedding day to be?” More so… the real question can also be asked “How do you want to REMEMBER your wedding day that was?” One of the greatest memories that you can hold onto and relive repeatedly is by your investment in wedding cinematography. How you moved in that dress. How your guests partook of the Antipasto Bar. How your father looked when he saw you in your dress for the first time. All of this emotion you will be able to relive by having us capture your wedding day. Our packages start at $2800 and then vary depending on what your wedding day looks like and what kind of videos you want. Give us a call and we can talk more about our services and cater a package that best suits your needs.

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