Loredana & Chris – A Musical Wedding

There is so much to say about this incredible toronto wedding about two lovebirds who go against impossible odds and end up showing the world that love endures… no matter the distance. Recently we have had the absolute pleasure of filming Loredana & Christopher‘s wedding and the experience truly spoke to us on so many levels. First of all… the morning consisted of this wonderful breakfast amongst family and friends. There were laughs and great bonding to be had by all. Then, instead of a limousine; this fantastic yellow school bus pulls right beside their house and whisks them away to the Reception area. Now we have shot a lot of toronto weddings, especially outdoor weddings, but this backyard wedding was something else. The details, the decor and set up were absolutely astounding.

The wedding planners did a stunning job coordinating all the logistics of the event. The live band gave the evening another flavour that spoke to the uniqueness of the celebration. Some of the most wonderful music flowed in the air as friends and family bonded throughout the day. And while we’re on the topic of music, there was certainly some incredible talent that was amidst the bridal party. Chris himself is a musician and his talents mirror the type of friends and family he surrounds himself by. We had fantastic performances and some soulful singing throughout the day. It was such a beautiful, chilling event. Everyone felt comfortable… we truly felt that we were amongst friends, it was an epic evening. We would also like to give a nice shout out to Michael Rousseau. He was the photographer of the event and he was just one of the hardest workers we’ve seen. Such a hard worker, I had to help him out a bit with a fan to cool him off. Hats off to such incredible enthusiasts in this industry.

Lastly, this wedding highlight was such a delight to put together. There was so much content that it always brings a certain challenge. Out of all these epic small stories that happened on this day, which ones should we tell? Which shots should we use to tell our couples wedding story? It’s so amazing to work with such great people and such amazing content. This is why we love doing what we do. Every time we shoot a wedding, one way or another we get surprised. Yes, we have a rhythm and system that helps us capture a wedding day smoothlessly. But we are honoured when we see genuine emotions arising, get to experience unique moments and lastly we get to build a fantastic relationship with our couples. Congratulations to Christopher & Loredana. We love you guys.

Loredana_+_Chris-001-min Loredana_+_Chris-002-min

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