Not Filming a Wedding

I had the opportunity this past week-end to attend a wedding… as a Groomsman. Now I have attended hundreds of weddings; but always as a cinematographer capturing the special day. But every time I attend as a guest, it feels weird. I know exactly how things are going to run down, the chaos, the decor set ups… and the tear downs. It was easy for me to pinpoint the cinematographers as they worked their magic. Especially since this particular wedding that I was attending was for my brother. So the specialness of it all was raised another octave. We had family that flew in from Mexico and many others that came from all across the country. We also had a great Mexican Feast as per our dinner menu. Amazing food from La Tortilleria. Sigh. Forbidden amazing food;)

Now, how many times did I have the itch or urge to jump up and help. How many times did I feel the urge to capture something or set something up. Now granted… as much as I had that itch… I also felt some peace. Weird right? The peace came from having my business partner Jason who was gracious enough to capture the key moments of the day. From the preps, to ceremony to the photoshoot. Very grateful that he was able to partake and ensure that Fred & Krista‘s wedding was captured perfectly. Also grateful that our couple followed some experienced counsel and that allowed for some killer shots, moments and beautiful sound bytes. It was also a blast to shoot with Bekky Gibson. It was easy to tell that the creative arts talent runs through the Gibson bloodline;) Now she also took her creative talents to another level. She acted as both insane amazing photographer… and a bridesmaid. Now that just proves to me… that women are amazing multi-taskers;) Granted… she also brought with her a great co-photgrapher, Taylor Grist. At least I can say that I shot a few preps. Couldn’t do much more than that though. I was hosting the groomsman breakfast. T’was tasty;)

At the end of the day… as much as I had the itch to jump out there and shoot some wedding cinematography; I was relieved to know that all was in good hands. It was a beautiful day… the sun was shining… the birds were chirping… and it was the perfect wedding day for the Limon/Wilson family.

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