Rain or Shine

So we have a motto @PGP Studios…. Rain or Shine... we’re going to capture a beautiful wedding. What makes it interesting is how we challenge ourselves even more when it actually does rain. Brides always ask us what our battle plan consists of due to the weather? So now that I have been able to collect my thoughts, here it is. First of all, your right. The Sun can virtually be your best friend on the wedding day. At least when photo and video coverage is concerned. We can get some intense amazing flare shots. The colours pop even more for the camera, less grainy images, etc. That being said, when it DOES rain… the following steps are what we focus on to properly capture the wedding:

1. Looking for the opportunity. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gloomy day, Usually, there are scarce chances that arise when the Sun wants to pop out and greet you. And when it does… we take it. It may be the only chance we get. So here I am, going through the “hourly” weather option on my cell phone. Just trying to get a feel as to when the Sun plans to pop out. We make sure we know where we will be around that time and we make an educated creative guess so we can position ourselves accordingly to get those particular shots. So once again; that window of opportunity… the moment we get some sun and flare, we take it.
2. Umbrellas. This is practically a no brainer right? The whole idea for this one is that our production assistant really needs to be earning his or her wages. When we have a rainy day, raincoats are a must. The assistant would be taking the heat with the rain pouring down on them while they hold the umbrella to cover the main shooter and his or her camera. That way there is more mobility to move and less distractions to the eye while adjusting focuses, colours, etc. We just make sure that it’s not a tiny umbrella of course;) Straight forward huge ginormous umbrella will do the trick.
3. The rain is inherited into the story. This is so important. At the end of the day, rain or shine… the weather will become an experience to remember. It will have become a part of your wedding day. With that, it will be but a wonderful memory to laugh or smile about. We always aim to grab detail shots that depict the rain. Whether it’s the car’s windshield wiper moving about, drops into a small puddle, bridal party prepping themselves with rain gear and even interviewing those involved and inquiring about the weather. Regardless, most bridal parties can be super optimistic about the weather; let alone the day. That being said, we take advantage on that optimism and capture those sound bytes. You’d be surprised how many awesome sound bytes we’ve captured. Let alone how many awesome stories we’ve been able to capture because they were inspired by someone’s optimism. I remember on one occasion while at a Destination Wedding, it was truly pouring rain which delayed the ceremony a bit. Yet our bride was super optimistic and her sound bytes, along with everyone’s interaction with the rain worked out fabulously.
At the end of the day, it totally makes sense. There are times in which the weather is extremely harsh and it isn’t wise to take out the cameras. A back up plan is always a good thing when it comes down to photo shoot locations and or any outdoor concepts for the wedding day. But we truly embrace any weather condition in the best way possible to ensure that the wedding story is told and that it’s creatively captured in the most cinematic way.

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