The City of Light | A Wedding Highlight

Recently we had the pleasure of having our breath’s taken away by yet another spectacular view of the City of Toronto. Just when you think you have seen Toronto at night, with all it’s dazzle and flare… we were humbled again by it’s awe & beauty while filming at the Atlantis. We have had the pleasure of filming a wedding here before but every time is such a pleasure. This time it’s a same day edit.  First of all, that banquet hall is absolutely fantastic. It hovers over these beautiful waters which are also surrounded the docks by the Lakeshore. The day was warm, gorgeous and exciting. When we arrived at the docks, all we could hear is music and excitement. Everyone was partying, enjoying and taking in the beauty of the weather. Small yachts were coming and going, families were bonding and children coming from the CNE with fun face paints.

I share all this because at the end of the day, this is just a flavour of what we had experienced while filming at the Atlantis. The lucky couple was Paul & Ghrace and this was day 2 of their wedding day. So with all of these things happening, we all felt the energy of the day. Family and friends were arriving and enjoying a wonderful cocktail while waiting for the festivities to begin. Large windows from the floor to the ceiling gave us a clear indication of the beauty and majesty that the Atlantis had to offer. What a view. Also don’t get me started on the decor and set up. We would love to give a holler out to Alisha out at Whim. She was one of the key wedding planners for the event and the set up was fantastic. Let alone, they were very pleasant to work with. They were on top of the scheduling needs of not only our couple, but the vendors as well. We have also had the pleasure of working with some fantastic photographers. But it’s always a delight to meet new professionals in the industry. My hats off to Tom Wang and his crew. Some beautiful images.

Day then turned into Night and the excitement just didn’t stop. Ryan Alley aced it with some awesome ambience music and then topped it off with some insane beats. Got everybody on the dance floor. That same evening we welcomed some fantastic break dancers. The spectacle was so much fun, that the children tried to emulate their moves; even way after they left. Lastly, just like I mentioned at the beginning of my blog, we were taken back with another sense of awe when we went to the top floor of the Atlantis. The CNE was alive at night. We could hear the exciting yelling of people going down the roller coasters. The lights were just dazzling. Then by just turning to look the opposite way, the beauty of Lake Ontario had it’s own sense of awe. This calmness could be felt while panning the view across it. From distances you could hear and see yachts and large boats with their own lighting and music. To be completely honest, I got lost because there was so much to see, feel and wonder. What a beautiful day… what a beautiful view… we absolutely love filming weddings. Capturing these stories… and experiencing these wonders certainly get the blood going. Just love what we do. Congratulations to Ghrace & Paul. You guys hit a home run with the Atlantis and the timing of your wedding. Love you guys.


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  1. September 11, 2015

    Thank you so much for the kind shout out! It was such a pleasure working with you and your team, and I can’t wait to work with you again!

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