Tips & Tricks for Wedding Planning

So one of the things that we love to do at PGP Studios is research. There’s nothing like some good old fashioned reading. From wedding cinematography to even wedding planning. As storytellers, we have come to understand that the best stories are captured because of the amount of details provided to us through our couples and their wedding planners. The wedding planners have so much information that we can draw from that at times it’s hard to nail down our favourite stories. There are just so many of them. But on this particular occasion, we came across this amazing blog post from The They’ve got some tips and tricks for wedding planning that will certainly help any bride that needs some help. One of our favourites is their tip that reads “Listen to Mother Nature”. That is so true. Just listening and understanding the details and even scheduling when it comes down to having a beautiful wedding experience. This just brought our technical consultations with our brides to another level. My hats off to the copywriters out at The Knot. You guys rock;)

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