True Love Forever – Michael and Nicole’s Wedding

There are so many memories that PGP has captured, but this wedding was one which cannot be forgotten.  We truly felt the connection between Michael & Nichole and as many of their friends and family commented, “how they complement each other”.

With each wedding comes personal touches from the bride and groom, but with the story of Michael and Nicole everything was truly built on love. Going away from your standard wedding, the couple put personal touches by hand-crafting their wedding that could be seen throughout the decorations, tables and archway. On this day of prosperity, emotions ran high between the two families who were truly joyful to be witnessing this devotion for one another. Rather it be through the images representing their love, or the hand written note from Michael to Nicole putting the bridal party to be in tears, each single moment of this wedding had something exceptional to it.

Michael & Nicole SDE from PGP Wedding on Vimeo.

A big appraisal goes to the wedding venue for creating such a mesmerizing atmosphere, enhancing the feel of the wedding to a new level. This was complimented greatly by the photographer, who captured the moments that will be remembered by both the happy couple, and us here at PGP Studios, for years to come. Special thanks to all who gave their time to make this day a true memory for the years.

With any wedding comes an abundance of love, but the wedding of Michael and Nicole was all the more.  This wedding was truly an intimate setting between the two families who knew the affection Michael and Nicole have for each other. PGP studios was absolutely appreciative to witness these special intimate moments, and capture them to be seen for years to come.

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  1. Barb Maddox
    July 13, 2016

    WOW what a great video, you captured all the love. Well done!!!!!

    • PGPWedding
      December 2, 2016

      Thank you Barb, they made it easy :)

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