An Undeniable Love – Daniel and Matija’s Wedding

Every time we about to shoot a Croatian wedding we know we are going to have a blast. We love the traditions, the food, the band and loudness of the crowd, it just fills you with a true feeling of happiness for the couple.  And with Daniel & Matija was no different.

Matija & Daniel | An undeniable love from PGP Wedding on Vimeo.

Experiencing the love and affection they share made us realize how truly important it is to cherish these precious moments we have with our loved ones. Watching Daniel’s love for Matija melts my heart every time I watch this highlight.  Being at the venue, and partaking in the wedding, it didn’t quite feel like work, more than it made us feel like a part of their celebration and happiness.

A big appraisal goes to the wedding venue for creating such a mesmerizing atmosphere, enhancing the feel of the wedding to a new level. This was complimented greatly by the photographer, who captured the moments that will be remembered by both the happy couple, and us here at PGP Studios, for years to come. With the photographer at work, we were lucky enough to stand in the presence of the incredible decor, a truly incredible experience done by incredible and hard-working individuals. Special thanks to all who gave their time to make this day a true memory for the years.

The family on both sides were very welcoming and warm-hearted, from the parents to the grandparents, and even the children themselves. Everything was planned and pieced together to perfection, and we’re so glad we had the opportunity to capture this beautiful moment for the newly weds.

We’d like to thank the couple, their families, and the venue and staff themselves for the incredible hospitality and synergy. Alongside that, we’d like to give a special shout out to the groomsmen for the humorous atmosphere they brought to the wedding.

It was a truly unforgettable experience, and we wish Daniel and Matija a happy and prosperous future together. One filled with love, laugh, and little ones running around, spreading joy. Congratulations!

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